Program Information

The Kids and Youth Ministry Programs at MBC provide a positive and encouraging atmosphere designed to engage children and young people towards a real and active faith in God. Whether your children are singing songs, living out biblical stories, or simply playing a game of Octopus, they are surrounded by competent leaders who love Jesus, love them and love having fun. The youth dig deep into God's Word during their chapel time, they are encouraged to study God's word and ask questions. They also play some pretty cool games with their leaders. These leaders want to see the youth experience God in a fresh way, leaving MBC ready to do something with their own faith.

Skills Recreation Program

The optional Skills Recreation Program allows your youth (completed grades 4-12) to experience a new skill within a classroom setting. The leaders prepare lesson plans that teach your child the basics of a particular skills. During the week they will have a hands on experience. This year you can enroll in a Arts & Crafts, Culinary Arts, Music, Rocketry and Team Sports.

With our emphasis on FUN, SAFETY and SPIRITUAL GROWTH, kids of any age will have a blast... giving you a few hours to relax and learn worry free!

Registration Limit

MBC works within the parameters of its Child and Youth Protection Policy and therefore a maximum number of children will be able to register per each age group. Please register online prior to your visit to ensure you child/youth will be cared for.

Kids Ministry Program

The Kids Ministry program is available for children ages 18 months to complete grade 3.

Kids Min Program Times

Monday to Friday
Morning: Drop off at 9:45am - pick up at 12:00pm sharp.
Evening: Drop off at 6:45pm - pick up immediately after Chapel.

Morning: Drop off at 8:45am & 10:45am - pick up immediately after Chapel.
Evening: Drop off at 6:45pm - pick up immediately after Chapel.

Kids Min Program Age Groups

Little Steps (18-35 months)
Hoppers (3-4 years)
Jumpers (Completed JK/SK)
Skippers (Completed Grade 1-3)

Youth Ministry Program

The Youth Ministry Program is available for all youth completed Grades 4 to 12.

Youth Min Program Times

Monday to Friday
9:30am - 10:45am - XT Program @ Founders Hall
10:45am - 12:00pm - RIOT/YAC Program @ Founders Hall
Evening: 7pm – 8:15pm XT/RIOT/YAC @ Founders Hall

Morning: 9am & 11am - XT only @ Founders Hall
Evening: 7pm XT/RIOT/YAC @ Founders Hall

Youth Program Age Groups

XT - Cross Trainers (Completed Grade 4-5)
RIOT (Completed Grade 6-7)
YAC (Completed Grade 8-12)

Skills Recreation Program

Skills registration is separate from Youth Min. If your child wishes to be in Skills and Youth Min, two registrations are required.

The MBC Recreation Team is pleased to offer an optional skills program specifically for our youth guests completed grades 4-12. These skills are taught in a small group setting with qualified leaders. The cost each week is $35-$65 (depending on the skill) per child. This fee helps cover the cost of leadership and supplies.

Pre-register and pay online to ensure your spot is saved; space is limited.

Please note that Skills schedules will not interfere with the youth attending the morning youth program.

Please check out our helpful FAQ to learn more about fees, registration, payment process, and similar questions.
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Skills offered in 2020 are:

  • Arts & Crafts: $35/week
    Through various media, our arts and crafts skill will give your student a creative outlet. Your student will be encouraged to draw, paint and craft projects so they can develop their artistic talents and expression. We’ll provide guidelines to complete a particular art project but your student will be encouraged to incorporate their own ideas and inspiration into their masterpieces.

  • Culinary Arts: $65/week
    We will provide students with an understanding of the ingredients, tools and methods used to create culinary products. Students gain hands-on experience learning basic techniques, mixing and production. They will also learn the importance of health and safety within the kitchen. Students will enjoy Culinary Arts as they discover they can make yummy healthy food.

  • Music: $65/week
    This skill is designed for students who already play an instrument or sing and love music. Your student will further develop their abilities through music theory and practice. Students are expected to bring their instrument of choice to participate in this class. On Friday your student may choose to participate in our Family Fusion Worship Team.

  • Rocketry: $65/week
    Students who want to explore the mechanics of Rockets, the basics of aerodynamics, and launch a rocket will enjoy this skill. They will look at basic design and parts of a rocket. Throughout the week they will assemble different models. Friday your student will be launching their final rocket build. Families are encouraged to join us for Launch Day at noon.

  • Team Sports: $35/week
    Students will have an opportunity to play on a team, learn how to be part of a team and also develop their skills as they play a variety of team sports. Each morning they will be taught the rules of play for a team sport and then participate in that sport. Your student will also learn good sportsmanship as they make new friends on the playing field.
All prices are plus HST.

Skills Recreation Program Times

Monday to Friday
Period 1: 9:30am - 10:45am – RIOT/YAK ages @ Founders Hall
Period 2: 10:45am - 12:00pm – XT ages @ Founders Hall