Program Information

The Kids and Youth Ministry Programs at MBC provide a positive and encouraging atmosphere designed to engage children and young people towards a real and active faith in God. Whether your children are singing songs, living out biblical stories, or simply playing a game of Octopus, they are surrounded by competent leaders who love Jesus, love them and love having fun. The youth dig deep into God's Word during their chapel time, they are encouraged to study God's word and ask questions. They also play some pretty cool games with their leaders. These leaders want to see the youth experience God in a fresh way, leaving MBC ready to do something with their own faith.

Registration Limit

MBC works within the parameters of its Child and Youth Protection Policy and therefore a maximum number of children will be able to register per each age group. Please register online prior to your visit to ensure you child/youth will be cared for.

Kids Ministry Program

The Kids Ministry program is available for children ages 18 months to complete grade 3.

Kids Min Program Times

Monday to Friday
Morning: Drop off at 9:30am - pick up at 12:00pm sharp.

Morning: Drop off at 8:45am & 10:45am - pick up immediately after Chapel.

Kids Min Program Age Groups

Little Steps (18-36 months)
Hoppers (3-4 years)
Jumpers (Completed JK/SK)
Skippers (Completed Grade 1-3)

Youth Ministry Program

The Youth Ministry Program is available for all youth completed Grades 4 to 12.

Youth Min Program Times

Monday to Friday
Evening: 7pm – 8:30pm XT/RIOT/YAC @ Fellowship Centre

Youth Program Age Groups

XT - Cross Trainers (Completed Grade 4-5)
RIOT (Completed Grade 6-7)
YAC (Completed Grade 8-12)