Online registration for a given week is available until 7 pm on the Saturday evening. After this time, you may register at the front office or during program times at the Fellowship Centre for Children (18 months to grade 3) or Founders Hall for Youth (completed grade 4-12).

Instructions for using this site

  1. Purpose of this website
  2. Registering an Account
  3. Signing in to your Account
  4. Getting Started
    1. Entering your Family Information
    2. Entering your Children
  5. Entering Registrations
  6. Modifying Registrations
  7. Printing a Registration Summary

If you can't find the answer you're looking for, please contact our Children & Youth Program staff at

1. Purpose of this website

This site is provided for guests of Muskoka Bible Centre to register their children and youth into the programs that are offered. Though it is not required to register your children using this site, it is recommended, as it enables you to not only self-manage your registrations (such as changing program selections) but also to print your own registration summary prior to your time at Muskoka Bible Centre.

If you wish, you can still register your children by downloading a registration form, filling it out and returning it to the Muskoka Bible Centre office.

2. Registering for an Account

When you begin using this site for the first time, you must register a new account. Your account is based on your email address and a password that you create. Your password can be whatever you want, but it must be at a minimum of 4 characters long. It is recommended that you use a longer password with a combination of letters, numbers and symbols.

3. Signing in to your Account

To sign in, you enter the email address you provided when you registered, as well as the password you created. You can also check the "Remember Me?" box if you don't want to sign in every time you visit the site.

Forgot Password

If you forget what your password is, click on the "Forgot Password" link. This takes you to a page where you enter the email address you use to sign in to the website. When you click on "Send Password Reset Email", an email containing instructions for resetting your password will be sent to the email address you provided.

4. Getting Started

Once you're signed into your account for the first time, you need to provide some basic contact information for your family, as well as provide some information about your children.

4a. Entering your Family Information

From the home page, you will see there is a 3-step process to start entering your registrations. The first step is to enter your family information. You will be asked to provide your name (and spouse's name) and your contact information. When you click on "Save Information", you will be taken back to the home page.

4b. Entering your Children

Step 2 on the home page is to enter your children. Click on "Add a Child" to begin. Please provide your child's first name, last name, date of birth and gender. It is recommended that you also include any health concerns, allergies or special needs that you think it is important that the Children and Youth Program Staff are aware of. The information will be kept strictly confidential.

When you click on "Save Child", you will be returned to the children page. Continue adding each of your children, or if there are no more to enter, click on "Done adding Children". You can always return to this page at any time to add additional children or to update the information for the children you have entered.

5. Entering Registrations

Step 3 on the home page is to enter your registrations. You can also do this by clicking on the "Registrations" link on the menu. From this page, you can create new registrations as well as see your current and past registrations.

Click on "Create a New Registration" to start. A registration is broken down into 5 parts:

  1. Selecing the Camp Type
  2. Selecting the Camp Week
  3. Specifying parent contact information / location
  4. Assigning children to their programs
  5. Entering any notes to the staff

The first part is to choose the type of camp the registration is for. There may or may not be a choice for this. If there is no choice, then the only camp type will just be displayed.

The second part is to choose the week of camp that you want to enroll your children into program for.

The third part is enter the location and/or phone number that you can be reached at during the week, in case of emergency.

The fourth part is to assign each child you want to register for the selected camp week into their age/grade and program(s). First, check the box next to the child's name. If the child is not part of this registration, then leave the check box empty. Next, select the age or grade (completed as of June). Once you select an age/grade, the applicable programs will be displayed below. From the drop down list(s), you can choose from the available programs. For some ages/grades, there will only be one choice. For children in grades that include the skills program, you can choose from the available skill options. If a skill has "(FULL)" in the name, then that particular skill is already at full occupancy, and you will need to select a different skill.

Also, if a child will not be attending program for the entire week, there is an option to specify the days they will not be attending. This is done by choosing "Only part of the week" from the "Attendance" drop down box and then un-checking the days.

The fifth part is where you can optionally provide a note to the staff. This may be a question you have, any concerns, or if you want to specify any friend requests, etc.

Once you have completed all of these parts, you can click on "Save Registration". This will return you to the main registrations page, and you will see the registration you just entered listed. You can click on any registrations in the list to make changes if you need to.

6. Modifying Registrations

If your children change their mind about what skills they want to attend, or if one of your children won't be coming at all, then you might need to modify a registration. Any registrations that are current (i.e. the camp week has not begun yet) can be modified to a certain extent.

Before explaining how to modify a registration, it is important to understand the distinction between "Unverified" and "Verified" registrations.

"Unverified" registrations are newly entered registrations that haven't yet been reviewed by the Muskoka Bible Centre staff. While a registration is still unverified, you have full control over making any changes you want to the registration. You can also completely delete the registration if you choose to.

"Verified" registrations have been reviewed by the Muskoka Bible Centre staff, to confirm that you (as a family) are booked in for the camp week you selected on the registration, and that your children have been placed in the appropriate age/grade. Staff may make changes to your selections if they are deemed to be incorrect. Once a registration is verified, you may only change certain parts of the registration. The camp week, selected children and age/grade cannot be modified once the registration is verified. However, you may still make changes to the days of the week that your children will or will not be attending program, your location on site and/or contact phone number, notes to staff and also the skill selections for any children enrolled in skills (in case they change their mind).

To modify a registration, click on it from the list of registrations (it may be displayed under the "Unverified" list or the "Verified" list. This will display the registration details. Make any changes that you are allowed to, and then click "Save Changes". For "Unverified" registrations, there is also a "Delete Registration" option. You will see a confirmation that your changes have been saved.

7. Printing a Registration Summary

If you have one or more upcoming registrations, then you may wish to print a summary of these registrations. This can be done by clicking the "Print Registration Summary" button on the home page or the "Print a Summary of Upcoming Registrations" button on the registrations page.

The summary is composed of a list of each upcoming registration. For each registration, the children who are attending that camp week are listed, along with their program selections and the times and locations of the programs. This is useful to print off prior to coming to Muskoka Bible Centre for the camp week. You can also ask the office staff at Muskoka Bible Centre to print a copy for you.